Where in the world has work sent Barry now? As an Engineering Specialist for Harris Corporation I have had the unique opportunity to travel to some of the most amazing places on Earth. At the bottom of this page is a world map that shows where I have traveled. This page documents these places....

If someone had told me that later on in life I would be working in 3rd world countries with militaries from all over the world, I would have thought they were crazy. Having never served offically in the military, why on earth would I ever be involved in any aspect of the military? Well, after nearly 30 years of techinical electrical experience working with customers, I have to say, what a strange trip it's been. The opportunity presented itself for me to travel, and I decided to accept it. I am really glad I did too. It has however taken me away from my family, but they understand what I do is very important and support me. I love to tell them all about my travels. It has allowed me to better understand other cultures and religions. I have found that most people are good, and that stereotypes are very unfair. More people in the United States need to travel. It would allow everyone to better understand today's Geo-political issues. This world is not as big once you travel, that's for sure. Hey your only here for a short time, experience life!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Travel Blog is a unique free online travel diary for travellers across the world. It works from internet cafes and computers world wide, to allow you to update an online travel diary, it is free to join and takes just minutes to setup, all you need is a working email address.

Read about my trip to Uganda and browse this travel site where people blog about their travels. Lots of interesting posts from all over the world.

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